Frames of Preference: A Serious Man

A Serious ManJoel and Ethan Coen deserve quite a bit of praise for their cinematic body of work, which encompasses such classics as The Big Lebowski and Fargo. Of course, like any other prolific filmmakers, some of their films have fallen by the wayside, so to speak. One of their less-talked-about films is 2009’s A Serious Man, their tribute to growing up Jewish in the Midwest of the 1960’s. It’s the story of a Job-like, tragic protagonist, who is confronted with hardship after hardship, all for ostensibly no reason. The story may seem equal parts saddening and pointless, but it’s bolstered by some of the Coens’ best cinematography to date. Take this shot, for example. This shot of protagonist Larry Gopnik sitting at his desk is rendered so beautifully that one can’t help but realize how great the Coens’ work is, given that this is one of their weaker films.


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