By Pop Modern Staff

It was a mere two months ago, on July 1st, that the three of us here at Pop Modern officially launched this WordPress site. Now, to commemorate this humble milestone (and to extend the first tendril of our demonic, megalomaniacal media empire) we’ve created a Twitter account, which you can follow to get a smattering of pop culture news that we find relevant. It’s not meant to be an experience unto itself, but rather a supplement to the no doubt euphoric pleasure you receive from reading our content. The account will be a platform from which we can share passing musings and interests that couldn’t fill an article, but it will also be an easy point of connection between us and the readership.

If you have a suggestion, be that topic ideas for collaborative content or other thoughts about this blog, please tweet at the official Pop Modern account, which you can find at This new foray into social media (yes, even we barf a little when we hear that phrase now) is as much for our benefit as it is for yours. We’re also interested in giving this new Twitter presence an interactive element, but such additions are still on the horizon. For now, following the account would be a great start. The more people following, the more it will help this site to grow and develop.

Once again, that’s If you’re a fan of our work, we’d love to hear from you.


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