Frames of Preference: Earthbound

EarthboundEven though I just missed the Super Nintendo’s height of popularity, I had still heard of Earthbound. In fact, until the last few months, I always assumed it was “that weird JRPG where you play as the kid who was also in Smash Brothers.” What I’ve come to learn from my brief time with Earthbound is that it had a lot to say about both games of its time, and our expectations as players. In what other game can you fight bullies with a baseball bat, meet a warrior named Poo, and call your mom to say you miss her as a way of recovering from the status ailment of “Homesickness”? These brief moments struck a chord with gamers, and even its intro, which is styled like a cheesy 60s sci-fi film, is handled with a love for the medium and its long list of inspirations.


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