Frames of Preference: Heat

HeatThe assorted works of Michael Mann are hit or miss for me. Manhunter doesn’t hold up well on multiple viewings, Public Enemies is hampered by its overly crisp filming style, and his film adaptation of Miami Vice strips away most of what made the original series great. But Heat holds a special place in my heart. It tells the tale of a cop and a criminal, two men on opposite sides of the law, both trying to outwit the other. In one of the earliest and most famous scenes of the film, Robert De Niro’s character Neil McCauley leads a group of men in a bank robbery. As with all good crime films, the heist goes bad, and the men are forced to shoot their way out of the bank. It’s a tense scene, with gun sounds amplified to enhance the action, and it’s all shot in sharp, tight angles on the men’s faces. It’s one of the best scenes in what is easily the pinnacle of modern crime drama.


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