Frames of Preference: Kroll Show

Kroll ShowThere’s a trend lately of comedians being given their own television shows to do with as they please. One of the best products of this phenomenon this year has been Kroll Show, Nick Kroll’s vanity project. For those unfamiliar with Nick Kroll. he’s a stand-up known primarily for his character work. He makes regular appearances on the Comedy Bang! Bang! podcast and plays Rodney Ruxin on The League. Those appearances, though, only hint at the range of hilarious, miscellaneous comedy of Kroll Show. This frame shows Kroll’s ability to transform into a character like a chameleon; he’s dressed up as “Bobby Bottleservice,” a poorly-spoken New Jersey bouncer. The whole show is able to change its visual style at the drop of a hat, from a reality show spoof, to a documentary spoof, to anything in between.


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