Frames of Preference: Highway 61 Revisited

Highway 61 RevisitedI don’t have any qualms about my pseudo-intellectual, poseur love for Bob Dylan. Sure, at this point there’s no way of saying that the man is a genius songwriter, that his lyrics are beautiful (if frustratingly random and inscrutable), and that his music is liberating (sometimes in spite of his distinct voice, and most of the time because of it). It comes as no surprise, then, that I would feel the need to honor Highway 61 Revisited, the album that gave us “Like a Rolling Stone,” of all songs. Not only is this album arguably one of Dylan’s best, it’s also arguably one of the best rock and roll albums of all time. Springsteen once described the beginning of this album as “that snare shot that sounded like somebody kicked open the door to your mind,” and this sentiment lines up perfectly with the sense you get from this cover. Just look at Dylan, at that look of casual triumph. He knows that this album is going to change your life, and he didn’t even bother to tuck in that ridiculous shirt.


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