Frames of Preference: The Matrix

The MatrixInstead of just heaping more praise onto one of my favorite films of all time, I’m going to point out one of the rough edges of The Matrix. In this scene, one of the most famously obvious movie goofs in history is how clearly the camera appears in this reflection of Neo and Morpheus on a doorknob. The film crew clearly tried to hide it with a bag and the pattern of Morpheus’s tie on it, but there’s no missing this obvious mistake. It almost leads the viewer to call into question the reality of the film itself, which of course fits its own theme of questioning what is in front of your eyes. As Neo unravels the world around him and attempts to take back the real one, he notices flaws in the universe around its periphery. A repeated person here, a broken law of physics there. I’m not saying that the camera was left in to break the fourth wall, but even if its not, this shot shows just how bold the Wachowskis were willing to be with the camera in this film, which became a trend in their later works.