By Pop Modern Staff

For those of you who follow the goings-on of this blog on a semi-regular basis, you may have noticed that this past week has been shaky with regards to the timely releasing of content. Any number of excuses could be fielded to account for that, but there’s no reason for that. Let’s just say that the three of us are all busy, studious men, and while we’d love to maintain the level of content production we had over the summer, such a task simply isn’t feasible.

So what does this mean for you, the reader? Well, hopefully not very much. See, despite our hectic schedules, we still want Pop Modern to be a place where you can find great, pop-culture-related editorial content 24/6 (Monday through Saturday, as we’ve been doing). To that end, we’re revamping the way that we do collaborative articles. While we loved it when a Monday Match-Up or a Take Our Word really came together, we found that most of the time we were forcing ourselves to take opinions on subjects that we simply weren’t that well-versed in.

Because of that, we’re going to suspend regular production of the Monday Match-Ups, Three By Three, and Take Our Word columns, replacing them each with a tri-weekly column called Today in Pop Modern. This column will be published every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. In it, we’ll each talk about something in brief, whether it’s an article we read, an announcement we heard, a video we watched, or just something that we want to get off of our chests.

Of course, we don’t want to get rid of the old columns completely, so when the inspiration strikes us we’ll bring them back in place of the Today in Pop Modern feature. Bear with us, we’re fiddling with this blog’s format on the fly, trying to figure out what’s going to give us (and you) the most bang for our buck. If you have any input, or if you have any ideas for Monday Match-Ups, Three By Three, or Take Our Word articles that you wanted to see, you can tweet us @PopModernBlog on Twitter, and you can send us an email at popmodern22@gmail.com.


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