Today in Pop Modern: October 16, 2013

Deltron 3030
Allen: Deltron 3030 was always a name I knew of, but never made any effort to look up. I always assumed that it was some eclectic rap duo with some strange lyrics. I was actually right in a few ways, and after listening to their newest album, Event II, I can say that I’m a big fan. What makes this album stand out is its unique framing device, where every few tracks are followed by a brief dialogue between comedian David Cross and his wife, Amber Tamblyn. They discuss “kids these days” in a dystopian future America, and lament the olden days of iPhones and communicating through tweets. Besides being hilarious and well-acted, these skits serve to bridge the tonal shifts of the actual songs on the album. It’s a great set of music to listen to all at once, and several stand out tracks (“Look Across the Sky,” “Nobody Can,” and “Back In The Day”) feature famous actors and musicians. Also, the intro is a summary of the fictional future of 3030 narrated by Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Yeah, it’s absolutely bonkers, and worth your time and money.


James: As the recent examination of my childhood continues, I would like to move on to the most mercurial of directors, Martin Campbell. For those of you who do not know, Martin Campbell has directed quality movies such as Casino RoyaleGolden
, and The Mask of Zorro. These movies shaped my childhood, and lesser teen years, and give me such hope in children’s movies. However, Martin Campbell has also directed Green Lantern and The Legend of Zorro. Those of you who do not know me might not realize the irrational depth of hatred I have for Green Lantern. This is the movie that started my hatred of Ryan Reynolds and almost destroyed a friendship. More so than any other movie, I have an irrational hatred for everything about this movie, and to me, it seems amazing that the creator of such great works could also produce such terrible movies. For those of you who want a fantastic viewing marathon, look no further than the fantastic movies listed above, and if you don’t, well that’s okay too.


Magellan: Normally I don’t care for overly “YouTube-y” videos (which is an incredibly vague term, but I can’t think of any other way to express that). They just tend to be overly goofy and eerily commercial. I go to YouTube for music videos, movie clips, and dudes getting hit in the nuts, not video series with channels to subscribe to and all that nonsense. In spite of all that, this week I saw a typically “YouTube-y” but surprisingly entertaining video grace the front page of Reddit: the Game of Thrones “Bad Lip Reading.” For those not familiar with Bad Lip Reading, it’s a YouTube channel featuring a guy who says occasionally funny non sequiturs over videos, usually movie trailers or music videos. It’s all pretty silly, but this Game of Thrones one is
a cut above the rest insofar as it’s a more cohesive, creative venture. It’s cut together like the trailer to an Adventureland-style movie, and it’s all surprisingly well-made. The fart jokes at the end are a little childish, but the majority of this thing is worth the watch, even for people like me who have never watched Game of Thrones.



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