Frames of Preference: Justified

JustifiedAlthough I watch plenty of cable television, very few shows of that type stick with me. Part of it is the serialized format and the clean, well-lit backdrops of these shows, but I also get tired of watching the same plots play out with slight variations each week. Justified abandons this type of storytelling after it’s first season, and it truly came into its own when the villainous matriarch that is Mags Bennett was introduced to Harlan County, Kentucky. Timothy Olyphant plays his character like a modern day cowboy, and Mags was his first truly terrifying adversary. Her manipulation of the drug industry flowing through the town, ruthlessness, and penchant for poisoning people made her one of the best villains on TV, and the show has only gotten better since then. This frame showcases the relaxed Southern atmosphere that permeates the show between intense gunfights and clever dialogue.


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