PAX East 2014 Interview: Dan Teasdale


By Allen

PAX East, a video games-centric convention held in Boston, Massachusetts annually and run by Mike Krahulik, Robert Khoo, and Jerry Holkins of Penny Arcade was this past weekend. I had the fortune of attending on Saturday, and I spent most of my time scouring the crowded show floor for independent developers looking to share a word about their games and position in the industry.

Dan Teasdale has probably helped make one of your favorite games of the last decade or so. He’s been all over the industry in many capacities, but now he finds himself at the head of No Goblin working on Roundabout, a top-down game where you play as a limousine driver in the late 70s driving passengers while spinning madly through stages and scoring points along the way. The game also features plenty of full-motion video, or FMV, which gives it a delightful comedic touch. Dan gets points from me at least for comparing his game to KuruKuru Kururin, a Japan and Europe-only Game Boy Advance game where you played as a helicopter-piloting alien similarly spinning through stages at high speeds. We talked about what brought him to No Goblin, what Roundabout is aiming to accomplish, and why FMV is an inescapable trap for Dan that he just can’t get enough of.

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