PAX East 2014 Interview: Greg Kasavin



By Allen

PAX East, a video games-centric convention held in Boston, Massachusetts annually and run by Mike Krahulik, Robert Khoo, and Jerry Holkins of Penny Arcade was this past weekend. I had the fortune of attending on Saturday, and I spent most of my time scouring the crowded show floor for independent developers looking to share a word about their games and position in the industry.

By far the most well-known person that I interviewed at PAX East 2014, writer and creative director at Supergiant Games’s Greg Kasavin had a lot to say about his company’s new game Transistor. You may know Greg from his period working as an editor at Gamespot or his brief time at various other game companies. I had the pleasure of playing the demo that they were showing at the convention privately, and I was absolutely floored. Supergiant’s previous game, Bastion, took players by storm as it blended voice actor Logan Cunningham’s excellent narration with the player’s actions, and Transistor is shaping up to outdo that game in every conceivable way. We discussed the concept of pressing your luck in combat, blending story and gameplay, the game’s influences, Final Fantasy Tactics, and what it was like working with Sony as a PS4 launch exclusive for so long. Transistor is coming to PS4 and PC by the end of May, and I can’t recommend it enough based on what I’ve seen and played so far.



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