PAX East 2014 Interview: Tommy Refenes


By Allen PAX East, a video games-centric convention held in Boston, Massachusetts annually and run by Penny Arcade was this past weekend. I had the fortune of attending on Saturday, and I spent most of my time scouring the crowded show floor for independent developers looking to share a word about their games and position in the industry. First up was Tommy Refenes, co-founder of Team Meat. Team Meat’s first major hit was Super Meat Boy in 2011, a game that has since gone to become one of the best-selling independent games of all time. Refenes and his co-founder, Edmund McMillen, are now working on Mew-Genics, a ‘crazy cat lady simulator’ where the player micromanages a house full of cats of all types breeding, playing, and fighting. The game is set to release sometime in 2014 on PC, and was playable to the public for the first time ever at PAX this year using Steam’s prototype Steam controller. I didn’t get a chance to demo the game myself, but I did watch quite a bit of it being played before interviewing Mr. Refenes about the game and his status as half of one of the most well-known indie developers in the industry.


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