Frames of Preference

This feature is the skeleton that the entire blog hangs off of. Every day that we put out content (that is to say, six days a week) we will post one image that we find particularly beautiful or interesting from a piece of media. This could range from movie or television stills, to video game screenshots, to album covers, to comic panels, to posters, to paintings, to anything vaguely rectangle-shaped. Almost always, the “Frame of Preference” will come from a piece of media that we enjoy, so this is our way to introduce you to great media that may not be able to support an entire article. However, “Frames of Preference” are more than just advertisements, they’re images which are interesting in their own right and which are selected for being particularly illustrative of the nature of a work. Very little is off-limits with “Frames of Preference”, and we do our best to find the highest resolution versions of these frames for your downloading pleasure.

For the list of current “Frames of Preference” articles:

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