By Pop Modern Staff

For those of you who follow the goings-on of this blog on a semi-regular basis, you may have noticed that this past week has been shaky with regards to the timely releasing of content. Any number of excuses could be fielded to account for that, but there’s no reason for that. Let’s just say that the three of us are all busy, studious men, and while we’d love to maintain the level of content production we had over the summer, such a task simply isn’t feasible.

So what does this mean for you, the reader? Well, hopefully not very much. See, despite our hectic schedules, we still want Pop Modern to be a place where you can find great, pop-culture-related editorial content 24/6 (Monday through Saturday, as we’ve been doing). To that end, we’re revamping the way that we do collaborative articles. While we loved it when a Monday Match-Up or a Take Our Word really came together, we found that most of the time we were forcing ourselves to take opinions on subjects that we simply weren’t that well-versed in.

Because of that, we’re going to suspend regular production of the Monday Match-Ups, Three By Three, and Take Our Word columns, replacing them each with a tri-weekly column called Today in Pop Modern. This column will be published every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. In it, we’ll each talk about something in brief, whether it’s an article we read, an announcement we heard, a video we watched, or just something that we want to get off of our chests.

Of course, we don’t want to get rid of the old columns completely, so when the inspiration strikes us we’ll bring them back in place of the Today in Pop Modern feature. Bear with us, we’re fiddling with this blog’s format on the fly, trying to figure out what’s going to give us (and you) the most bang for our buck. If you have any input, or if you have any ideas for Monday Match-Ups, Three By Three, or Take Our Word articles that you wanted to see, you can tweet us @PopModernBlog on Twitter, and you can send us an email at popmodern22@gmail.com.



By Pop Modern Staff

It was a mere two months ago, on July 1st, that the three of us here at Pop Modern officially launched this WordPress site. Now, to commemorate this humble milestone (and to extend the first tendril of our demonic, megalomaniacal media empire) we’ve created a Twitter account, which you can follow to get a smattering of pop culture news that we find relevant. It’s not meant to be an experience unto itself, but rather a supplement to the no doubt euphoric pleasure you receive from reading our content. The account will be a platform from which we can share passing musings and interests that couldn’t fill an article, but it will also be an easy point of connection between us and the readership.

If you have a suggestion, be that topic ideas for collaborative content or other thoughts about this blog, please tweet at the official Pop Modern account, which you can find at twitter.com/PopModernBlog. This new foray into social media (yes, even we barf a little when we hear that phrase now) is as much for our benefit as it is for yours. We’re also interested in giving this new Twitter presence an interactive element, but such additions are still on the horizon. For now, following the account would be a great start. The more people following, the more it will help this site to grow and develop.

Once again, that’s twitter.com/PopModernBlog. If you’re a fan of our work, we’d love to hear from you.


By Pop Modern Staff

pop-modern (adj.) A vacuous bastardization of two equally vacuous words. The kind of word that demands a definition, but has none. Some bullshit we cooked up to come across as witty or potentially thought-provoking. Think of it not as the word that encompasses what this blog is all about, but the word that a crowd shouts out at the beginning of an improv show. From here on out, we’re just going to riff, and we’d like you to join us.

We here at “Pop Modern” don’t really have a formal schedule, but we’re going to try to post a healthy amount of articles every week. We’re going to give our unique perspective on all things pop-culture, be that films, video games, music, or whatever else catches our fancy.

This isn’t a review site, or a news aggregator; this is our perspective, plain and simple. We’re going to tackle the zeitgeist with a thoughtful, but often tongue-in-cheek tone. As this blog progresses, we’d like to build a community of people who are just as interested as we are in talking about pop-culture from diverse points of view. If you have an idea, an opinion, a suggestion, or anything else you’d like to share with us, we’re open to it.

This is an experiment, and we’re hoping it blows up like some weird-ass, neon chemicals. Now, whether that explosion is disastrous or groundbreaking, though, remains to be seen.